• reception lounge

    reception lounge

    Wedding Reception - Sussex

    Multi-Tri Dome wedding reception venue with one dome used as reception lounge entrance area. Great space to welcome guests, individual photographs, sign guest book and leave wedding gifts.

    'We're so happy we found you Mike. The domes looked great and had the 'wow' factor - everyone was so impressed.'

    Bride & Groom

  • view from center<br />of multi-pen dome

    view from center
    of multi-pen dome

    Street Dance Event - Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Village

    Working with Key Lime and McArthur Glen, our Multi-Pen Dome, set up in part of the outlet village car park, was used for two weeks for teaching Street Dance to young people. With complete timber floor and branded colour carpet, the modular spaces were perfect for the different age groups attending.

  • full moon pagan wedding

    full moon pagan wedding

    Perranworthal, South Cornwall

    Multi-Square Dome, Flooring, Lighting & Furniture

    The domes looked magical lit up against the night sky and our guests loved the space created inside. Mike and his guys were friendly, easy to work with and took the stress out of the organisation


  • multi-square dome<br />and furniture

    multi-square dome
    and furniture

    Wedding Reception - Cornwall

    Multi-Square Dome wedding reception for around 100 seated guests. Seating 8 persons per 6ft round table with colour coded black linen. Delicate floral decorations throughout.

    'Just wanted to say a very big thank you for both the wonderful domes and the effort you all put in to ensuring we had the perfect day.'

    Bride & Groom

  • view from center of<br />multi-square dome

    view from center of
    multi-square dome

    Wedding Reception - Cornwall

    Multi-Square Dome wedding reception venue with complete timber floor. 120 seated guests, 8 persons per 6ft round table on gold Cheltenham chairs. Integral partitioned catering area. Custom external walkway from garden bridge outside.

    'We can't thank you enough for the work you put in to the domes, the final result was stupendous.'


  • multi-tri dome at night

    multi-tri dome at night

    Wedding Reception - Bristol

    Multi-Tri Dome with coir matting and full furniture for wedding reception celebrations at Folly Farm Eco Education Centre.

    'Thank you for helping solve a number of problems during the time you were here. It really was a perfect day and you did so much to make it so.'

    Father of the Bride

  • view of double dome,<br />Bude Castle and Bude Light

    view of double dome,
    Bude Castle and Bude Light

    Bude Castle Re-Opening Ceremony

    Double Dome with coir matting to celebrate the renovation of Bude Castle and opening of Museum and Café.

  • the beauty of<br />canvas in the sun

    the beauty of
    canvas in the sun

    Birthday Party - Hertfordshire

    Domes, canvases, sunshine and fresh air - say no more!

  • view of multi-square dome,<br />trees and Plymouth at night

    view of multi-square dome,
    trees and Plymouth at night

    Wedding Reception - Devon

    Multi-Square Dome wedding reception venue for 100 seated guests. Standard lantern lights within domes with external green uplighters to underside of trees.

  • sun, trees, fresh air<br />and canvas...

    sun, trees, fresh air
    and canvas...

    Wedding Reception - Devon

    Multi-Square Dome wedding reception venue for around 100 seated guests.

  • awesome lighting effects<br />with multi-pen dome

    awesome lighting effects
    with multi-pen dome

    Wedding Reception - Isle of Man

    Multi-Pen Dome wedding reception venue with complete timber floor and awesome custom lighting by Event Lighting Services. Geo-Marquees first overseas hire, including collaboration with All Eventualities.

our domes

our geo-domes

Our latest Geodesic Dome Marquee concept utilises Buckminster Fuller's 2 frequency geodesic equations. Constructed using timber frame work and natural canvas covers, these contemporary spaces maintain a traditional and warm environment. The resulting internal cathedral-like structure has no need whatsoever to be covered up with linings. Our individual geodesic domes are then linked together to create some of the most interesting temporary event structures available, up to and including our flagship 3000ft² Multi-Pen Dome. Using 5 individual domes arranged around a central clear span pentagon space, the Multi-Pen dome has a footprint resembling a five petal flower - no right angles, no corners, and no internal poles - simply magical.

geodesic framework

Formed from spruce timber, the finished satin burgundy joinery offers a wonderful compliment to the internal natural canvas tones and texture. Fixed together with custom-made galvanised steel joiners, the completed frame work is strong enough to hang substantial internal fixtures and fittings, and robust enough to take on the hardiest of our British summers. Usually anchored to the ground with steel stakes, weights can be easily used to hold the structure in-place on nearly any hard finished surface.


The geodesic frame work is dressed and covered using a natural Filamore 363 FWR canvas. The material, which is light and air permeable, but waterproof, helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that isn't too 'stuffy' or prone to condensation build-ups. The canvases are fixed in place using high-tensile elastic ball ties creating a taught canvas finish, somewhat similar to an African drum skin.

The 2012 season will see the launch or our side canvas with geometric shaped window sections to match the frame work patterns.

timber floor & coir matting

Timber Floor - Using heavy 6" x 2" timber bearers as a sub floor base on the tough damp proof membrane, the finished baords - 18mm non-slip glazed sterling boards - are individually screwed and fixed down to the bearers beneath. The finished timber floor is not only delightfully attractive, but also robust enough to withstand the hardiest of treatments, or longest nights of dancing and celebrations. Carpet can easily be laid on top, although unless essential, why waste money covering up something so beautiful.

Coir Matting - Laid on a tough damp proof membrane and fixed in-place using 6" nails at 8" centres along all the edges, the coir matting is a great alternative to the timber floor and offers a signicant cost saving. We are more than happy to mix and match both flooring options to help create the ideal solution for you event.


Environmentally, the production and manufacturer of our geodesic dome marquees is of the highest standard. Fabricated on an entirely local basis, all natural materials are used where possible - timber frame work, canvas covers, timber flooring and coir matting - even paper lanterns. Synthetic components, such as our custom-made galvanised steel joiners, have only been used where structural integrity necessitates. The natural renewable materials contribute significantly to the overall ambience of these spectacular spaces.

latest news

geo-dome windows

2014 will see the launch of our new dome side canvases with triangular window sections. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss availability of the new limited feature.

recent events

SW Lakes Trust Royal Visit
SW Lakes Trust Royal Visit

10th Anniversary Celebrations for South West Lakes Trust during summer 2010. Our Double Dome at Stithians Water Sport Centre for the royal visit of Prince Edward.


Alexa & Tim
Alexa & Tim

Thank you so much for both the wonderful domes and also the effort you all put in to ensure we had the perfect day. We really did have the perfect day and the domes were beautiful and magical. It was a pleasure to have you there and we wish you a very successful and happy future. Thanks for everything

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